NOTE: We have received reports that StyleTap for Android does NOT install or run under Android 14. Test the trial version on your device before purchasing or upgrading.


StyleTap® Android™ Wrapper SDK

StyleTap Android™ Wrapper SDK enables you to deploy many of the 30,000 mobile applications written for Palm OS as Android applications that run on standard Android smartphone and tablet devices.

Why Use the Android Wrapper SDK?

The StyleTap Android Wrapper SDK allows you as a Palm application developer to create an Android application that "wraps" a Palm application inside StyleTap Platform for Android in a way that makes the application appear to be a native Android application. You can then submit the resulting Android application to be included in any of the Android application stores.

[Note: StyleTap does not guarantee that any third party will accept your Android application for inclusion in an Android application store. There may be reasons completely unrelated to StyleTap Platform that may cause a third party to not approve your application.]

Similarly, if you are a large organization that wants to deploy your key Palm OS applications onto internal Android devices, the StyleTap Android Wrapper SDK can help. It enables your required Palm application(s) to be embedded into an Android application that can be installed internally on standard Android devices, without going through an application store.

Requirements for Using the Android Wrapper SDK

The process for using the Android Wrapper SDK combines information from Google (Android), StyleTap and the customer, as shown below:

Android Wrapper SDK

From Google: You must have installed the Android Developer Tools (ADT), including Eclipse and the Android SDK, to your development machine. You do not need the Android Native Development Kit (NDK).

From StyleTap: You will download an Eclipse project, that includes the version of StyleTap Platform for Android for use on Android devices. Also included is a document outlining the configuration choices available for internal use or for applications to be submitted to an app store.

From Customer: You will insert the Palm application (.prc and .pdb files) your own icon files to identify your application on the Android Application list, and your StyleTap license information into the StyleTap Platform configuration within the Eclipse project. Finally you will build the Eclipse project to generate the Android application.

Download a Trial Version

If you haven't tried your Palm application on an Android device, you can download a free 14-day trial of StyleTap Platform for Android (or purchase a copy) and install it on an Android device to evaluate the functionality.

Download the Android Wrapper SDK

If you are an Android developer, you can download documentation and SDK template.