NOTE: StyleTap for Android interim version v0.8.033 is needed to run under Android 11, and requires the use of Web Tools to install and export Palm apps and databases. See the v0.8.033 Release Notes for more information.

Return Policy

StyleTap® software is offered on a free-trial basis, giving you 14 days to evaluate the product before you decide to purchase it.

Within 30 days of purchase, a full refund will be granted only if the purchase and license registration process could not be completed because of a fault in the software, or there was a billing error, duplicate charge, or problem with the delivery of the Registration Key that resulted from an error on StyleTap's part.

To apply for a refund, send a message through our contact page, identifying yourself and explaining the problem in detail. If we are unable to resolve the problem, a refund will be issued in the form of a credit to your credit card account.