NOTE: StyleTap for Android interim version v0.8.034 is needed to run under Android 11. See the v0.8.034 Release Notes for more information.

Support Functions

StyleTap uses FogBugz to track support tickets.

  • Entering New Cases

    It is very easy to enter a new case. You don’t have to register with your email.

  • Checking Case Status

    When you create a new case, the automatic confirmation message will give you a case number. You can use that case number any time to check the status of the case.

  • KnowledgeBase

    FogBugz includes a "Wiki" that we will use to build a knowledgebase of information about each version of StyleTap Platform – the features, how to use them, tips and tricks, things that work and things that don’t work. The Wiki is almost exclusively oriented to the StyleTap for Windows Mobile version, although the information about running Palm apps within StyleTap is applicable to all versions.

Website Feedback

You can also use the new support system to let us know of any problems you encounter with our website – getting an error message, links not working, or simply information that you couldn’t find. Just go to the support site and open a new case.