NOTE: We have received reports that StyleTap for Android does NOT install or run under Android 14. Test the trial version on your device before purchasing or upgrading.


Run Palm OS® Applications on
   Windows Mobile Smartphones®
    Android™ Smartphones and Tablets


StyleTap® Platform allows you to run applications (and games) originally written for Palm OS handhelds. The StyleTap Platform family now supports the following mobile environments – click on the logos below to learn about StyleTap on each platform:

StyleTap Platform
for Windows Mobile™

StyleTap Platform
for Android™

With more than 30,000 applications for the Palm OS platform available – many of them free – you will be able to do so much more with your smartphone.

StyleTap Platform is fast, compact and comes with everything you need. Just add your favorite third-party applications for Palm OS platform and you're ready to go!

Download a free 14-day trial of StyleTap Platform now, or purchase a copy of StyleTap Platform for $49.95 (US).

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New Version of StyleTap for Android

Android v0.8.034
Fix for Android 11 "black screen" problem
Available for Download

WinMobile Version: 1.1.021
Android Version: 0.8.034

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